Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Quick Look Back at 2012!

-      Celebrated another Birthday for Shane, turning 31!
-      Started both my internships, working for TOSH in their Athlete Acceleration program and at Verizon Wireless in their Health and Wellness Center as a Health Coach.
-      Figuring out how to mesh all schedules so I can fit everything in.
-      Enjoying the ballet with Christina Devore.
-      San Diego for Presidents Day, is for sure one of my favorite traditions that we have started.  Shane, Padgett, Sam, Mary Beth and I (missed you Hannah and Toby).
-      Went to The Ellen Show!  Best experience of the year maybe!!  She is amazing!
-      Christi turned 30, and had an amazing 80’s themed party at her house!
-      Balancing jobs, 2 internships, and classes is becoming second nature.
-      Shane had a busy month. He spent 3 weeks at Camp Roberts CA for Advanced Leadership Camp. He was also nominated by his Command to represent his MACOM for NCO/Soldier of the Year
-      Finishing up my time at my internships and have learned so much in just a couple months.
-       Went to Hannah’s portfolio event, amazing work!
-       Continue having game nights with friends, some of the best nights!
-       Bland’s birthday!
-       Carrie’s baby shower, preparing to have triplets!
-       Shane attended Response International Groups’ Search and Rescue Course in Oklahoma City.
-       Then traveled to Las Vegas for work where he won his first poker tournament.
-      Best month of the year!
-      Turned 30, I can’t believe it!
-      GRADUATED from the University of Utah! 
-      Family came in and we celebrated.
-      Padgett, friend Marisol and I ran in the Provo Half Marathon, it was my first half marathon!
-      Traveled to San Diego with Shane, Christi, Rob and Lara for my Birthday.
-      Next, went to NYC with the whole family for our Birthdays, it was amazing and the PERFECT weather!
-      From NYC headed with Padgett and Hannah to visit William in London!  Virginia met us there and we spent a couple amazing days in London with Paige and William.
-      Headed to Paris because that seemed like something we couldn’t pass up, so Padgett, Hannah and I spend 2 days in Paris together!
-      Traveling with family is the best by far!
-      Made the trip to Houston for cousin Abby Simmons wedding, amazing as to be expected!  Can’t wait to have Tim as part of the family.
-      Participated in 2nd annual RAGNAR with cousins again.  The Wasatch Back, the original RAGNAR.  Once again amazing experience, wouldn’t do it again though!
-      Continuing my next favorite class, Cultures of Food, where they bring in a chef and teach us techniques!
-      Joey, Seth and Hudson come to visit and Hudson announces some batters during a Bee’s game.

-      Celebrated the 4th of July at the pool!  No better way.
-      Good friends Jake and Carrie had Triplets… whew!
-      Shane has his EXEVAL (External Evaluation) and the UT CERFP (CBRNe Emergence Response Force Package) is certified to operate nationwide. They are considered by the evaluators as one of the best in the nation. Lots of hard work realized!
-      Went to Bear Lake with Christi and friends, weather was good most of the time, got in some good water sports and games in!
-      Saw Wicked for the first time and LOVED it!
-      Started the month off with a baby shower for Jaime.. can’t wait for your little man!
-      Went to a fabulous 30th birthday for my great friend Christina Athas!
-      Started working for RMC (Rocky Mountain Connections) thanks Padgett for the hook up!
-      Shane started his Archery season.
-      Visited Jackson with Shane and Christina, always good times!  And saw Bland off to Burning Man!
-      Interviewed for a job with LuLuLemon an didn’t get it, totally disappointed!  I thought I was perfect….
-       September 10, 2012 another year anniversary of being a homeowner!  Still love it!
-       Shane continued his rescue training and became a Rescue Ropes Technician.
-       Went to a version of “Price is Right” and loved it, didn’t win anything but will go back!
-       Attended my first U of U football game and it had three endings, it was a great game, with even better tailgating with Christina.
-       Shane’s best friend Andy got married in Stanley, ID!
-       Planned and executed a baby shower for Kami, thanks for all the help co-hosting Camille!
-       Padgett came to visit!
-       Saddest part of the year… end of September the pool closed!
-       Beginning of October I got to try my hand at acting and was in a video that will be sent out to restaurants in Utah to teach servers how to serve.
-       My Dad turned 70!  And to celebrate we got to go to FIJI!  If you have heard of Paradise, that is IT!  One of the best vacations yet!
-       Shane and I celebrated another anniversary!
-       Shane attends Army Basic Instructor Course at Camp Williams.
-       Spent the first weekend of November in San Francisco for a family reunion, it was AMAZING! 
-       My good friend Kami had her little baby boy Andre on November 7th!  Welcome cute little man!
-       Shane spent time in Alabama at the Center for Domestic Preparedness learning Incident Command principles.
-       Traveled to San Diego for Thanksgiving and Padgett’s Birthday!  The weather was perfect and the food was plentiful!
-       Shane ended November earning his Heavy Vehicle Extrication Technician certification.
-       Finally got my puppy! He is a little black and tan Pomeranian named Henry!  I am totally in love and slowly learning the ins and outs of training, he is helping a ton because he is such a fast learner!
-       Went home and spent an amazing holiday season with the family!  I can’t imagine being anywhere else but Jackson for Christmas!
-       Saw Padgett’s house finished and fell in LOVE, it is more fantastic than I could have pictured!
-       Had some great times with Shane’s sister, brother in law and niece while they were here for the holidays.

-       Round 3 of New Year party at my house was such a success!  Thanks Bryan and JC for making dinner… oh so good!  I think we have started a tradition for sure.

Here we come…..

Friday, November 16, 2012

Two of my favorite People...

In the most amazing place I have ever been to, FIJI!

What would I do without you two!!  Pictures from Fiji of the three of us, we really do make a great trio... and I can't imagine traveling as well with anyone else!
Thanks Mom and Dad many times over for letting us come on this amazing vacation/celebration!

Happy Birthday (again) DAD!  Best birthday location EVER!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Olympics 2012

I know it was months ago but I loved it so much and remembered I had this video that made me laugh, so I thought I would share!  Watch the guy on the far right.... is he human?!?  I LOVE IT!

And today is the last day of September (CRAZY) and also the last day my pool is open (TEAR) so I have to go spend the majority of the day down there!  Just wanted to throw that out there and how sad I am to see it go, it has been amazing getting to spend as much time as I have gotten to over the past couple months.  My "office" will be no longer!

Friday, August 10, 2012

London May 2012

So back in May I got to go to London and Paris with my sister, cousin (Hannah) and we got to stay with more cousins (William and Paige) and cousin Virginia even came for a couple days.  It is always so much fun to travel with family and I was just going through pictures and thought I would post some of my favorites!
In Harrods with Bears!

Green Park, right next to Buckingham Palace

Train station in London 

Windsor Castle

Big Ben

London Eye

So back in May I got to go to London and Paris with my sister, cousin (Hannah) and we got to stay with more cousins (William and Paige) and cousin Virginia even came for a couple days.  It is always so much fun to travel with family and I was just going through pictures and thought I would post some of my favorites!

More to come later, eventually!  But we must do it again very soon!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Love it...

I have been MIA... and I was looking through pictures that the professionals took at the half marathon and I thought I would screen shot this one because they are WAY too expensive to actually buy...
But can you tell we are sisters... ha ha... I love it!  And I am so glad that we got to run it together!  Until next time P!

Anyway, more later for now that will have to do!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Great Start to May Already!

I love May for so many reasons not to mention its my Birthday month!  This May is extra special already!  On May 2nd I turned in my final Portfolio for school and that was the last of my semester, it has been such a great semester and I am going to miss it already!  (To top it off that day my pool also opened!)  Then May 3rd I Graduated after 2 and a half years of going back to college!  This second degree seemed SO much harder but loved every minute of it still!  I have decided that I thrive in the school environment so I loved it!  Thanks everyone who came out to support me that day and everyone that has supported me throughout my journey!
 Celebrated that night with a fantastic dinner with Shane and my parents!  Even Bambara recognized that I had done an amazing job!

 And the following night celebrated again with friends and family, Thanks everyone for coming it was so much fun to have you all there!  And a special Thank you to Christina for the cake.... had a piece today, it is still delicous!  Had to leave dinner that night to head to Provo to be up at 4:00 am the next day to get ready for our run!  Provo City Half Marathon.... so much fun and such an accomplishment!

 Finished in 2 hours on the money ... NICE I will take that on my first half marathon EVER!  And I have to mention we all finished with in 5 minutes of each other... We were SO good!  Thanks Marisol for the inspiration and letting us run with you, lets do it again!
 Coming into the finish line, I was SO excited to see the arch of the finish line!

Next up SAN DIEGO in TWO days!  Celebration with friends for three of our 30th Birthdays and some good old relaxation!  And even more to come.... This May is going to be one of the best yet!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

100 Days to GO!

I love the Olympics, and London 2012 seemed like it was so far away and today while watching the Today Show they were highlighting the fact that it is only 100 DAYS AWAY!

Even more exciting Myself, Padgett and Hannah get a preview when we go to London in MAY!
If anyone has any suggestions of things that can't be missed in London let us know!

So here is to finishing this semester out, it has been crazy with 2 jobs, 2 internships and class but I wouldn't have done it any other way it has been GREAT and I have learned to much!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today is the Day!

City Creek Center opens!!!! I am so excited, and its only a mall (or center as they are calling it)! It is going to be so pretty! I mean there are fish in the CREEK that runs through the center... really! Anyway... that is where I will be when I get off work today!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Excitement

I was not really into the Oscar's this year.... until I started watching the Red Carpet. So many beautiful dresses and people... But I have to tell you the highlight for me was
Ellen's JCPenny's commercials! If you didn't get a chance to see them The Making of Ellen's JCPenney Commercials watch it! These are not the full commercials but all of them are so good, she is so great!

On another note.... The Ellen Show was SO GREAT! I will have to post more pictures later... we saw "The Lorax" and danced and danced and got $100 gift card... all I want to do is go back and do it again!

The three of us waiting to go see the movie and then get carted over to Ellen's studio to watch the taping!Not to mention that the whole weekend was really fun in San Diego... Segways are hilarious!

Monday, February 13, 2012


ALL FOUR OF US WILL BE HERE...............................

More excited than what can be expressed on a web page!!!!!!! Thanks P and S for getting the tickets.... it is going to be AMAZING!!!!