Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I leave for China tomorrow!! I must go take one last test and then off for fall break... thank goodness because I need a break from school it was getting to be too much! Here are some things I hope to see... I will have a full report when we get back!

Running Man

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going down to St. George with Shane to support him while he ran the marathon! It was so much fun being a spectator and after watching all the people come into the finish line that is all I ever want to do. It was the hardest thing to watch the people that came in that were collapsing right in front of me. I am not a runner in the first place but to watch the people being carried over the finish line it confirmed that I am totally happy being a spectator!

Coming into the finish line!

Running away at mile 16... 7000 runners in total!

And to top it off he ran the Salt Lake half marathon four weeks earlier... a half marathon and a marathon all in a month! He is a runner that is for sure!
This was at the finish line of the half marathon!