Monday, May 7, 2012

Great Start to May Already!

I love May for so many reasons not to mention its my Birthday month!  This May is extra special already!  On May 2nd I turned in my final Portfolio for school and that was the last of my semester, it has been such a great semester and I am going to miss it already!  (To top it off that day my pool also opened!)  Then May 3rd I Graduated after 2 and a half years of going back to college!  This second degree seemed SO much harder but loved every minute of it still!  I have decided that I thrive in the school environment so I loved it!  Thanks everyone who came out to support me that day and everyone that has supported me throughout my journey!
 Celebrated that night with a fantastic dinner with Shane and my parents!  Even Bambara recognized that I had done an amazing job!

 And the following night celebrated again with friends and family, Thanks everyone for coming it was so much fun to have you all there!  And a special Thank you to Christina for the cake.... had a piece today, it is still delicous!  Had to leave dinner that night to head to Provo to be up at 4:00 am the next day to get ready for our run!  Provo City Half Marathon.... so much fun and such an accomplishment!

 Finished in 2 hours on the money ... NICE I will take that on my first half marathon EVER!  And I have to mention we all finished with in 5 minutes of each other... We were SO good!  Thanks Marisol for the inspiration and letting us run with you, lets do it again!
 Coming into the finish line, I was SO excited to see the arch of the finish line!

Next up SAN DIEGO in TWO days!  Celebration with friends for three of our 30th Birthdays and some good old relaxation!  And even more to come.... This May is going to be one of the best yet!