Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Card Preview!

Every year we take a Christmas card photo and at home we have a wall where they all hang, starting before any of us were even born. For the most part, Hank, a family friend has taken almost all of the pictures and the last two years he has decided that he should add pictures of just the three of us in! So here are a couple I thought were cute!
(Bland was throwing snow up to try and make it sparkle, and i guess that was more interesting than the camera for ALL of us)

Christmas Time

Padgett, Tucker and I went for a walk one beautiful day!
We always have a fantastic Christmas Eve party at our house in Jackson, and it has been so long since we have had little kids their. So this year family friends of ours brought their little girl Ashland and she sat for so long next to her Grandma, Tica, while she played the piano! It was the cutest thing!
Shane and I made Gingerbread houses!

And one more cookie bake night at Lara's house to top it all off!!
This little guy was so fluffy and provided me with lots of entertainment while I was home! Although very, very dumb and kept running into the house and finally the day after I left hit a little too hard... poor little thing! But I had a sweet picture of him to remember him by so I thought I would share him with everyone!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Bake Sale

Every year for the past half-decade, I help Christi make cookies for her church's bake sale. We have had a couple of disasters in the past (measuring miscalculations, burning and emergency runs to the store for forgotten items), but this year we had none of the above! We successfully made three very different non-traditional snacks: Biscotti's, Wreaths, and Christmas Hard Candy!
So thanks Christi for giving us a good reason to make cookies and not have to eat them all ourselves!!

***Results of the sale - Biscotti's and Wreaths were the first gone!