Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Wedding!

I couldn't put all the pictures that I wanted so had to make two posts!  Because everything was planned and executed so perfectly!!

So the bride in the first one is in the middle... she looked so pretty and Millen so hansom!  Then her cake which was so yummy.  And Padgett, Hannah and Maria in front of one of the two tents and then the boat which was the getaway!!  So cute!

With love from MAINE

For a way to fast vacation Mom, Dad, Padgett and I got to fly into Maine for our cousin, Wheeler's wedding!  It was so pretty and I would go back to Maine in a heartbeat!!  Even though we were just in the little itty bitty town of Camden!

So the pictures.... the first one is the view from Padgett and I's hotel room (isn't it amazing!)  Then the first night we were there we went on a boat for a dinner cruise so that was our nautical night... well the whole weekend was nautical but that was what the dresscode for that night was!  Then from the boat we got our first glance of the wedding spot... oh so pretty!  Then before the wedding we went to a brunch and lastly the view flying in!