Sunday, November 29, 2009

Smash Ball Fun!

We (Me. Padgett, Bland, Sam and Charlene) played Smash Ball on the beach today for like 3 hours! It was endless fun and we created every different variations to the game... We tried playing with our left hand then we decided that we had to say a state every time you hit the ball or some random category. And didn't stop there we had to jump and hit the ball or hit and then spin or hit and then trade places with someone, or moving in a circle and playing and reversing the circle! Just funny that you can take such a simple game and change it in so many different ways... just shows you there is always something you can add to make it BETTER! All and all the sun started setting and we got some fun photos that I thought I would share because I thought they were AWSOME!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Always a success is the giving of THANKS! I had an amazing day! Running on the beach in the morning, played with a gigantic hula hoop (video's to come... it is hilarious) and laid out by the pool! Could it get any better! Then had family and friends over for dinner, which is always amazing. . . the food and company was GREAT! And ended the night with Scattergories!

And now must go to bed because as tradition has it, Padgett and I must go shopping tomorrow to join in the fun of . . .!

Monday, November 2, 2009

San Diego!

I forget how pretty Balboa Park is!
He was just standing there reading... I thought it was CRAZY!

Of course walked down the La Jolla shores beach! We ran into a wedding that was happening on the beach and the groomsmen's suits matched the sand... ewww!
Went to SeaWorld! Great as always and they had a special Halloween Sea lion and Otter show!

I was in dire need of a vacation and Christi and Lara helped me make it happen!! We all needed to get away and what better place to go than La Jolla! We were going to have a girls weekend and added Robbie so it turned into an adventure! We were just there for 4 days but we packed in a ton of stuff!