Friday, January 27, 2012


I had to make sure everyone saw this video because I fell in LOVE! I love So You Think You Can Dance and Twitch was one of my very favorite people on the show to date!!! So I thought this was the cutest thing! The video is not the best ever but at least it shows the whole thing!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Quick Look Back at 2011!

- Continued my journey at the University of Utah.

- Took 3 amazing classes, Physiology, Kinesiology and Group Fitness Instructor training (my favorite class so far).

- Shane spent two weeks out at Camp Williams for a Warrior Leader Course.

- Celebrated Shane's 30th Birthday.

- Had am amazing visit from my favorite sister, while she attended ALT (blogging conference). She let me crash a Kate Spade party with her!

- Started my running training plan.


- Spent an amazing Presidents Day in San Diego with Padgett, Shane, Hannah and Toby!

- While in San Diego tried our hands at Segway’s, totally recommend!

- Had a fantastic Valentines Day.

- Performed the dreaded inventory at Pottery Barn.

- Finally got my bed frame, so I got to set up my Master Bedroom!


- Vacationed in Bear Lake over a long weekend with great friends at Christi’s amazing cabin!

- Shane had LASIK eye surgery and will never have to wear glasses again!


- Shane’s best friend Tim got married!

- Ran the most amazing race (RAGNAR) with cousins from Huntington Beach all the way to Coronado Beach, might have been the highlight of my YEAR!

- Shane traveled to South Africa for his capstone course for his MBA at Westminster.


- Had yet another successful Race for the Cure.

- Celebrated my 29th Birthday in New York with my whole family!

- Got the most amazing birthday present ever, got to go to Trapeze school (thanks Padgett)!!

- Started my last summer semester at school!


- Learned that online classes at college are my weakness!

- Shane's sister, brother-in-law and niece came to visit from Texas.

- Got to puppy sit an amazing little Pug, increasing my want for a dog!

- Watched Shane compete in the Park City Triathlon.

- Finally painted my Master Bedroom, house projects are coming along slower than I ever imagined!


- Threw a great 4th of July party and watched Fireworks way up close, thanks Cliff for being a real Pyrotechnician!

- Threw a successful going away party at my pool for an amazing co-worker that left to be a schoolteacher!

- Missed what I heard was an amazing wedding in Tyler, TX. Congrats Paige and William!


- Finished up my summer semester with a BANG!

- Vacationed in Jackson, always good times with family!

- Started my fall semester, my first experience teaching gym classes.

- Had my own Indoor Cycle class and Circuit Training class, hardest thing yet but such a good learning experience.


- September 10, 2010 became my first anniversary as a homeowner and I am still in love and it can only get better from here!

- Traveled to Houston for Paige and Williams wedding #2! Was amazing!

- Having a really hard time with school, whoever said school is easy is a liar!

- Vacationed in San Diego, I will go there at any given chance!

- Got a brand new computer, the possibilities are endless now!

- Last vacation of the month, went to Bear Lake again with friends, this time it was warm and we could enjoy the lake!


- Padgett and I went on another vacation with Chamber of Commerce, this time taking a cruise through the Mediterranean.

- Started in Barcelona, Spain

- Next on to a tour of Italy, Cinque Terra, Rome, Sorrento and Positano.

- Back to Palma de Mallorca, Spain and flew out of Barcelona.

- Got back from vacation and had the hardest week of school, so many things due all at once.


- Shane completed two courses in HazMat and is now a technician.

- Got to go to San Diego for Thanksgiving with the whole family!

- Celebrated a little late, Padgett’s 26th Birthday!


- Took a Schwinn Indoor Cycle training class and now am a certified Cycle Instructor. Wished I could have done it before I taught for the semester!

- Made it through all my finals and passed all my classes!

- Hung out with Shane's family while they visited.

- Got summoned for my first Jury Duty, they never needed me but it was exciting to know I could have missed a final. Not to mention Padgett had jury duty the same day!

- Went back to Jackson for Christmas!

- Back to Salt Lake for a successful New Years Eve party at my condo!

** I can't believe another year has gone by.... here I come

To come:

2 new internships!! Yes I got the Verizon Wireless internship and I will be at Tosh.

Graduation May 2012

Turn 30 years old... YIKES!

Trip to London, Fiji, San Diego and hopefully many more!

Go to the Ellen Degeneres SHOW!


Wasatch Back! Round 2 with the cousins RAGNAR!!! Yahoo

Can't Wait!!!