Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Africa .. because I miss it so!

I hadn't looked at our Africa pictures in awhile so I thought I would go through and find some that I had forgotten about! And I loved it so much, and would go back right this second if I could so why not look at more pictures of MY LOVE!
Little lady was asleep in the road!
We got to go on a walk through the jungle... notice the gun in Gordon's hand!

All three ended up with little mud gotee's!

So many amazing sunsets... so we jumped for JOY.. he he he!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


There were a couple more that i thought needed to be posted!

He he he...


Last weekend Shane and I made the trip to Moab for my old roommate, Tara's Wedding!  I also love weddings so it was tons of fun!  I had never been to Moab before and I will for sure go back because I didn't get to do enough there!  We got there saw the wedding spot and it was amazing... on top of an arched rock on like a lookout point, then went back for the rehearsal dinner and then Shane and I got to escape and go hike up to Delicate Arch!  It was so much bigger than I though it would be!  Next day was full of wedding activities and it all went very smoothly and it was a beautiful ceremony!

Her adorable flower girls were searching for lizards!
The beautiful BRIDE!
I am obsessed with the Colgate WISP... that is what is in all of our mouths! Its like a disposable toothbrush and it happened to match our colors, Love IT!
Look at how tiny I look next to that gigantic arch!


I love May, first of all its my Birthday month and second of all its the start of summer!!!  
For my birthday this year Shane, Hannah, Toby and I went up to Jackson for the celebration, mainly because it was my moms 60th Birthday ... yahooooo.... and she was having a party and who is going to miss out on a 60th Birthday Party!  It was so fun to have a combo party and so good to see everyone that was there!  We had some good fun with the Kubota, my dads 4th child!  He was attempting to clear out an area on shrubbery behind the guest house, and needless to say Shane, Bland and I got way too into it one day!!  Had some great dinners and quality time in the sun!