Sunday, January 31, 2010

Exercise and Sport Science

I already love the one and only class that is actually in my degree! I am taking basic biology, which sucks, lets just be honest, and a nutrition class which is pretty interesting. Not to mention his assignments are GREAT because we venture into the real world and put the material we learn in class to work. To top it off his name is Thunder Jalili and looks like Ben Stiller! BUT my Exercise and Sport Science (ESS) class, Explorations of Movement, is the greatest! Or second day of class we played kick ball, third week we got to go to the PEAK Academy and get our blood tested and had to do the whole fit test thing! Also homework was to run so we could learn how to figure out our VO2 max, to see how strong our heart and lungs are! Where else would you ever have homework that required you to run, its GREAT!
There is my update on school so far!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I must share this story just in case anyone has the same problem. My seat heater had been "acting up" and I just decided it was easier not to use it at all because it got to the point it would get too hot just in one spot. So driving along one day Shane had the heater on and put my mitten in the hot spot and it all seemed good, until I picked my mitten up off the seat and smoke billowed out of the hole it had just created.... WHAT! Yeah I had a quarter sized hole burnt in my seat now! I was so bummed so I started researching what to do, in my mind I was hoping there would be some way to fix the leather or something. I found a site where other people had had the same problem and there recommendation was to call Audi of America and report a claim. So I did and I just have to say that was the best thing I could have done. I have a brand new drivers seat now... my car is 10 years old and they replaced it for me! I couldn't be more thrilled to not only have a new seat but a heater that works again! So there is my crazy story with a happy ending, I have always loved my car and still to this day if I were to ever get a new car I would still get and AUDI!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Official Student!

Here we go again... on to Bachelors degree #2 and I am so excited about this one! I think I am almost prepared besides the fact I still have some juggling to do to get my schedule down just right, whew! 1st lesson learned and I have not even started classes is to register early, they were not kidding when they said classes will fill up fast!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I want a puppy oh so badly! This is Dutchess, my Aunt and Uncles pup! So she is just an example of one I would take anyday... she is so cute! We tied a big red bow around her neck at Christmas and she was beyond darling!
Ever since I made my own tutu I love everything tutu! If someone can figure out how to buy this skirt I would take it!
And Beach Cruisers... the are so underrated, you just feel happy riding them and this one is super cute!
And she is pretty! At the same time wearing a tutu like shirt! Love IT!
I just like this dress and I am trying to decide whether to buy it or not?