Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goodbye MAY

Here we are at the end of my favorite month...
But the rest of it has been fantastic!
My birthday was great... spent a long weekend in NYC with the family and had such a great time.

We went biking along the Hudson River.
Birthday Girls! Yes we have the same birthday and its GREAT! May 14th!
And the highlight of the weekend was my birthday present that I received from my dearest sister Padgett! If you haven't seen the Sex and the City episode where Carrie goes trapezing, you should! And that is what we got to do! It took me a long time to understand the surprise but once I did it might be the greatest present yet! So Padgett, Bland, Abby, Ali and I all met on top of this building and for the next 2 and a half hours we got to fly!
All the "Fliers"!

Me doing "The Catch"
I have wanted to go to Serendipity for SO LONG and we finally made it happen... and the wait was totally worth it!
Frozen Hot Chocolate.... yes it really is worth going there just to get that!!

On another totally random side note, my neighborhood has been full of crazy wildlife this past week. On Saturday Shane went out for a run and ended up running with a moose. The moose ended up downtown and captured later on in the day. The little yearling made the news!
Then today the parking lot of my building became a home for a couple of hours to a GIANT swarm of bees. The beekeeper had to come rescue them and everything!

Everyone that actually saw them flying around said that this clump did not do justice to actually how many bees there actually were!Beekeeper taking them away!
The newest addition to my patio, Bougainvillea! Shane's birthday present to me... I LOVE IT!

My favorite show is BACK!!
Also for Memorial Day weekend, Padgett, Sam and Tucker (Sam's adorable dog) came to stay with me for the weekend. We at least had one good weather day and took full advantage, went for a fantastic "hike" down City Creek along the flood waters and spent some time in the hot tub and pool. Always fun to have house guests and I am glad I now have a room to offer! So that was a great way to end the last weekend of May.

And last but not least I have to retire my Wyoming license plates today... I cannot tell you how sad this makes me! So good bye, I will so miss being a county 22 plate!!

Now back to the grind of summer semester, the good news is I do have the most fantastic pool and the sun should now be shining bright!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 7, 2011

See May is already a GREAT month and yesterday was such a good example!
Started off (way too early) but for a good cause... for 3 years now I have been on the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure Committee with the I AM THE CURE specific committee and I feel like finally by the third year we finally had a handle of everything!
All of our cheerleaders were perfect, the weather was perfect (the warmest it has been in the last three years at 6am), and the whole race was a success!

Thanks FM100 for taking a sweet picture of the start line... that's me in the very middle with a pony tail in our really pretty bright green T-shirts with the rest of my committee!

Our Cheerleaders line the race and they were especially enthusiastic this year!

At the end of the race they do a Survivor parade and have them all fill the steps at the Gateway.. one of the most touching parts of the whole day!

The day did not end there...
Came home to get ready for a fantastic little Kentucky Derby Party!

The party would not have been complete without this little man... Thanks everyone for coming!

And to top May off today is Mother's Day!
So Happy Mother's Day MOM, Love you!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

MAY the 4th Be with You!

Its May! I love May for so many reasons... It should be the time that it really starts getting warm and summer is weather is right around the corner, normally pool's open sometime this month and of course its the month of my BIRTHDAY!
This specific May will be great too, in 8 days the whole family will be in New York City! To visit my dear brother and to celebrate mine and my moms Birthdays, because we share the same fantastic day! If anyone has any must do things in New York please do share!!
I am hoping is on the agenda...

I also get a little tiny break from school... thank goodness... actually this semester I had some really great classes and amazing Professors! I actually miss my Group Fitness class already, I had great friends in it and both teachers made it such a great experience!

Seriously if I can be half as inspiring as Denise Druce one day I will be impressed, she is amazing!